There are a lot of hollywars in the programming world. May be the most popular one is what is better to format code, whitespace or tabulation.
As well as the hollywar exists there are a lot of jokes about it. For instance there was a joke in the TV show Silicon valley in which main character had broken relationships with a girl because she uses spaces instead of using tabs.
Of course I have my own opinion in this question. I like tabs. And I think you should like it too.
When you hear something like that, you could ask -- why? And I have answers:
  • It's faster. One space is a small amount of space so when you use only one space it looks slightly, or not, ugly. Therefore you need to use several of them. In practical this amount is something about 4. And a tabulation is going to be something about this number.
  • Often It's nicely. Tabulations have a very nice property, a tabulation is not a constant amount of space. It various depends on other tabulations. For example you have section in your code where some variables are initialized, it could be constructer in a class, doesn't matter. If you use tabs it would look something like that: type name = value; everything is good if there's only one variable. But when there're a lot of them it becomes ugly. But with tabulations it would be in one line and would look nice.
It was my reasons why I use tabs and you should. But of course good things exists as well as bad ones do. And the main one is that tabs are read different in different editors. And it is a reason why you should convert them to spaces.
P.S. Otherwise when you save code with tabs you can set up settings of editor for nice looking. Thanks u/necrophcodr.